The prospect of sustained, high-quality asset management often becomes compromised in the event of the physical property and facility management disciplines being neglected to any degree. Due to this conviction, the Uvest Property Group applies an integrated, in-house and aggressively hands-on approach in managing and administering its property portfolio.

Management and operational efficiencies are further enhanced by a diverse and experienced team of property professionals, performing the following functions:

  • Securing a steady supply of new tenants by dedicated Rental Agents;
  • Rental Administrators and Client Liaison Managers facilitate interaction with tenants and are responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the property portfolio;
  • Call centre and client support services log all tenant queries, allocate same on CRM, and monitor until issues resolved;
  • Rental Inspectors perform quarterly, move-in and move-out quality inspections;
  • In-house maintenance teams attend to programmed and pro-active maintenance;
  • Rental Accountants co-ordinate rental payments and legal recoveries, approves new applications and lease renewals (according to well-defined credit policy) and produce monthly management accounts and covenant reporting.

Experienced senior management, consisting of CEO, Operational Director and Financial Manager oversee above functions.

The existing portfolio (over 1 500 properties) has an industry-leading vacancy factor of less than 5% and monthly rental recovery ratio of more than 96% of total invoiced rental.

Normalised vacancy and non-payment over the entire portfolio is therefore less than 10% which significantly out-performs the industry average.

Now a proudly level 2 BEE-accredited company.
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